Peach Tree Cabin - accommodation in the Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains

Peach Tree Cabin sits on our 30 acre property in the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. It is 15 km (20 minutes) from Blackheath. Originally it was the residence of the local sawmill which was once on this site. The cabin is private, peaceful, unique and has been part of this beautiful place for over 100 years.

It is ideal accommodation for couples or families with one or two small children. Please contact us for enquiries or bookings if you would like to stay in this quaint cabin.

This is also the home of Darragh Wines, made here on our property by Jon Darragh (winemaker).

Jon makes high quality, small batch, artisan wines, selecting the best possible grapes from local regions. They are available in select outlets, through his website or direct from us. A small range of wines is available in the cabin for purchase if you would like to try a bottle or two while you are here.

For more information visit Jon's website at darraghwines.com.au