What we DO have at Peach Tree Cabin:

  • An outside bath with bubble bath (but there is also an inside shower!)
  • Linen and towels.
  • Two queen size beds. One in a bedroom, the other in a nook in the living area.
  • Outside table on the deck.
  • DVD player and small selection of DVDs.
  • Small selection of games.
  • Stereo.
  • Some essential kitchen items. eg tea, fresh coffee, olive oil, sugar.
  • Gas stove, fridge, gas BBQ.
  • Indoor fireplace.
  • Outside fireplace.
  • Firewood.
  • Electric heater in the bedroom.
  • Mobile phone access (but only with Telstra).

What we DON’T have at Peach Tree Cabin:

  • TV reception.
  • Microwave.
  • Disabled access.
  • Smoking inside


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